12th Computer Science

Learn about two integral parts of computers/ smartphones/ smart devices i.e. Hardware & Software



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Subject Part Chapter Contents
CS Part IOperating System Introduction to Operating System
Services in Operating System
Overview of Operating Systems: Windows 98, Windows NT & Linux
Concepts related to Information management
File system, Device Drivers & Terminal Input Output
Concepts related to Process Management: Process, Multiprogramming, Context Switching, Process States, Priority, Multi-tasking, Time Sharing
Concepts related to Memory Management: a typical map of Single User Computer, Partitioning, fixed and variable partitioning, Paging, Segmentation, Virtual Memory
GUI basics
Features such as Windows, task list, drag, resize, close, minimise, maximize
Access and Security aspect of Operating System
Security Threats, Attacks on Security, Computer Worms, Computer Viruses
Data Structures Introduction to Data Structures
Data Structure Operations
Algorithmic Notations
Control Structures
Arrays - representation in memory, traversing, inserting, deleting, sorting, binary search, Pointer arrays, Records in memory using arrays
Linked list representation of linked list in memory
Trees, binary tree representing Binary tree in memory
C++Review of C plus plus ( XI standard syllabus)
Arrays, Pointers, References, Strings
Principles of Object Oriented Programming
Classes and Objects
Constructors and Destructors
Operator Overloading and Type Conversion
Virtual functions and Polymorphism
Working with files
HTMLIntroduction to HTML
HTML - Advantages and Drawbacks
Study of tags: <HTML>, <HEAD>, <TITLE>, <BODY>, <P>, <BR>, <UL>, <OL>, <LI>, <PRE>, <MARQUEE>
Font Styles: <B>, <I>, <U>, <BIG >, <SMALL>, <SUB>, <SUP>, <FONT>
Images & Seperation: <HR>, <IMG>, HREF, SRC, ALT ,HEIGHT, WIDTH, ALIGN
Tables: <TABLE>, <CAPTION>, <TH>, <TR>, <TD>
Use of Scripting as a language support ( ONLY VB Script using FOR..NEXT, IF..THEN..ELSE, MsgBox, InputBox, DIM, SET)
INSTRUCTION SET AND PROGRAMMING OF 8085Evolution of microprocessors
Services in Operating System
What is the microprocessor?
Block diagram of Generic Microprocessor
Study of various blocks in it
Block diagram of 8085
Study of various blocks and functions of various pins on it
CS Part IIINTRODUCTION TO MICROPROCESSORS AND ORGANIZATION OF 8085Addressing modes in 8085 and Programming Model of 8085
Study of Instruction Set - Data transfer, Arithmetic. Logical, Branching, Stack, Input Output and Machine Control Instruction Groups
Assembly Language Programs based on all of the above instructions
INTRODUCTION TO INTEL X-86 FAMILY Introduction to advanced microprocessors
Introduction to X-86 family and study of major attributes of x86 family processors
Programming Model of X-86 family of Microprocessors.
INTRODUCTION TO MICROCONTROLLER Introduction to Microcontroller
Study of 8051 Architecture and Programming Model
Overview of other microcontrollers in 8051 family
Application of Microcontroller
NETWORKING TECHNOLOGY Study of Transmission Media - Cable Media - Coaxial, Twisted pair, Fibre Optic and the comparison
Introduction to Wireless Media
Network Topologies - Access Methods, Topologies - BUS, RING, STAR, ETHERNET, TOKEN RING
Internet Protocols
Introduction to Connectivity Devices - MODEM, HUBS, REPEATERS, ROUTERS

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