11th Computer Science

A detailed understanding of Computer Science for XI



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Lectures, Notes, Question Papers & Important Tricks


Subject Part Chapter Contents
Decimal Numbers
Octal Numbers
Hexadecimal Numbers
Conversion from one number system to another
Binary Addition
Binary Subtraction using One’s and Two’s Compliment
Binary Multiplication and Division
PROGRAM ANALYSISAnalysis of Problem
Pseudo Code
Design Steps
Structured Programming
Control Structures
Modular Programming
Algorithms - Searching and Sorting
C++Introduction to structure of C++ Program
Basic Data Types
User defined Data Types
Derived Data Types
Type Compatibility
Declaration of Variables
Operators in C++
Memory Management Operators
Control Structures- IF, SWITCH, DO..WHILE, WHILE,FOR
Functions in C++
Standard C++ library
Input Output Functions
Call by Reference
Return by Reference
Unformatted Input Output Operations
Simple Programs in C++
Visual BasicIntroduction to Visual Basic
Visual Basic Environment - Menu bar, Toolbar, Toolbox, Properties setting
Form Layout
Visual Basic Programming - variables, constants, defining variables, arrays, relational operators, control flow statements, loop statements, nesting of loops, use of built in functions, event driven programming
A Simple VB project- simple calculator
Introduction to NetworkingNetworking terms and concepts
Centralised, Distributed and Collaborative
Configuration - Server based and Peer to Peer
Network Security
Network Applications- Email, FTP, WWW, Chat, User group, BBS
CS Part IIStudy of Component & CircuitsStudy of Components-Resistors, Capacitors, Inductors and Transformers
Semiconductor Components- Diodes and Transistors, Zener diode, LED
Transistor as a switch, single stage amplifier, clock circuit
Regulated Power Supply, Concept of SMPS Power Supply
Logic families - TTL and CMOS their comparative study and Input parameters
Circuits, Logic Gates & SequentialLogic Gates- Study of Basic Gates: AND, OR, NOT Gates
Study of NAND, NOR XOR Gates
Basic building block, Simple Combinational Circuits, Half Adder and Full Adder
Sequential Circuits- Flip Flops - RS, D, Toogle, JK
Registers, Shift Registers, Counters, Decoders, Multiplexers and Demultiplexers
Functional Hardware Part of PCStudy of System Board/ Motherboard Layout
Study of CPU Properties with reference to Pentium chip
PC memory
Types of memory- Conventional, Extended and Expanded
Semiconductor Memory and its types
Introduction to PC expansion buses- What is a bus?
Interrupt and Direct Memory Access Channel
Features of EISA, PCI and USB BUSES
What is a Controller?
Video Adaptor, Floppy Disk and Hard Disk controller
Peripheral DevicesVideo- Video Board Characteristic - Resolution, Colour
Video Monitor Characteristics- Dot Pitch, Horizontal Scan Frequency and Multi Sync
Keyboard- Keyboard working
Scanner -their use and types
Printer- types Dot Matrix, inkjet and Laser
Drives- Floppy drive, Hard Disk, CD ROM Drive
Multimedia kits- Soundboards
Modem, Plug and Play

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