10th Computer Application

This course cover theory, practical & tests of 10th std Computer Application Students



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Chapter Contents
Revision of Class IX SyllabusIntroduction to Object Oriented Programming concepts
Elementary Concept of Objects and Classes
Values and Data types
Operators in Java
Input in Java
Mathematical Library Methods
Conditional constructs in Java
Iterative constructs in Java
Nested for loops
Class as the Basis of all ComputationObjects and Classes: Objects encapsulate state and behaviour
Member variables
Attributes or Features
Variables define state
Member methods
Operations/methods/messages/ methods define behaviour
Classes as abstractions for sets of objects
Class as an object factory
Primitive data types
Composite data types
Variable declarations for both types
Difference between the two types
Objects as instances of a class
Real life examples for explaining the concept of class and object
User - defined MethodsNeed of methods
Syntax of methods
Forms of methods
Method definition
Method calling
Method overloading
Declaration of methods
Ways to define a method
Ways to invoke the methods – call by value [with programs] and call by reference
Object creation - invoking the methods with respect to use of multiple methods
ConstructorsDefinition of Constructor
Characteristics, types of constructors, use of constructors
Constructor overloading
Default constructor
Parameterized constructor
Difference between constructor and method
Library classesIntroduction to wrapper classes, methods of wrapper class and their usage with respect to numeric and character data types
Autoboxing and Unboxing in wrapper classes
Class as a composite type
Distinction between primitive data type and composite data type or class types
Class may be considered as a new data type created by the user
Reallife Examples of Library Classes
EncapsulationAccess specifiers and its scope and visibility
Visibility rules for private, protected and public access specifiers
Scope of variables, class variables, instance variables, argument variables, local variables
ArraysDefinition of an array
Yypes of arrays, declaration, initialization
Accepting & Accessing data of single and double dimensional arrays
Arrays and their uses
Sorting techniques - selection sort and bubble sort
Array as a composite type
Length statement to find the size of the array
Declaration, initialization, accepting data in a double dimensional array
Sum of the elements in row, column and diagonal elements
Display the elements of two-dimensional array in a matrix format
String handlingString class
Methods of String class
Implementation of String class methods
String array
Practical Programs

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